Holidays to Florida

Florida is a lovely place to visit in the summers. With a number of tourist attractions and the wonderful beaches, it is simply a tropical heaven. There are many online tour operators and vacation trip organizers that can offer you discount holidays to Florida.

Florida – the Sunshine State

What most people don’t know about Florida is that the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon titled the state La Florida which means the Land of Flowers. This is because although Florida is best known for its amazing beaches, it also has a wonderful and flowery spring. The largest city in Florida is Jacksonville and Tallahassee is the state capital. The South Florida metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan area in the region. In the contiguous United States, Florida has the longest coastline. Florida is also home to the Everglades national park which holds amazing habitats of Manatee and the American Alligator. Everglades is one of the most famous national parks in the world. This should be on your travel itinerary when you spending your holidays in Florida.

Florida Climate

When planning a holiday to Florida, it is important to keep the climatic changes in mind so you can pack your clothes accordingly. Since it is a tropical state, the climate in various areas varies in the hotter temperature degrees, ranging from 34 C which is the highest to 32 C in July. In January the temperature ranges from 4-7 C to 13 C from north to south. Florida is pretty much the warmest state in the country. The highest recorded temperatures were 38 C and the record lows were around -12 C. Hurricane season is from the first day of June to November and there are usually thunderstorms coming around often around the Everglades area.

Florida Theme Parks

Your holidays to Florida would be incomplete without a visit to the wonderful and exciting theme parks. Even most tour operators offering cheap holidays to Florida will include a trip to the theme parks. Orlando of course is a major theme park location with the Disney World theme park and Universal Studios theme park being the most popular tourist attractions. Other theme parks include Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Cypress Gardens, Busch Gardens and Silver Springs. Other popular theme parks in Florida include Legoland and Harry Potter World Orlando. There are also a number of holiday resorts near these locations which offer you an enjoyable stay. Look for cheap holidays in Florida offered by all inclusive resorts.

Florida Activities

There are many beach related activities available in Florida apart from the majestic variety of theme parks. There are a number of sporting and golfing activities available in Tampa, Miami and Orlando. You can also opt for fishing trips and seasonal vacation activities and events at the various theme parks. Florida is perfect for both family oriented trips as well as romantic getaways. Adventure Island is a wonderful water parks which gives you a break from the heat. You can also choose any of the fine dining options available throughout the state. Kids will also enjoy the Lowry Park Zoo and the Florida Aquarium during holidays to Florida.