5 Reasons Smokers Need Regular Dental Checkups

Smoking can turn your teeth yellow, cause bad breath and even oral cancer. Whether you’re a casual smoker or someone that smokes several packs a day, it can impair your dental health. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that smokers are less likely to visit the dentist. However, people who smoke may need to visit their dentist more often than those who don’t smoke. Here are just five reasons smokers need regular dental check-ups.

Smokers Have More Dental Problems

Smokers are much more likely to encounter dental problems that those that don’t smoke. The types of problems go far beyond yellow teeth and bad breath. Those that smoke can experience infections, gum disease, jaw problems and even oral cancer. Many of these problems can only be diagnosed and treated by dentists.

Smokers Are at a Higher Risk for Oral Cancer

While oral cancer can be found in those that don’t smoke, those that do smoke are at a much greater risk. Unfortunately, you might not be able to see the signs of cancer, or know that the abscess in your mouth is cancerous, but your dentist can.

Regular Check – Ups Can Catch Problems Early

Some dental problems, even oral cancer, can be treated if found early. This is why you must get regular dental check-ups. Getting a check-up every 12-24 months can help ensure that if you do show signs of oral cancer or other dental disease, your dentist will be able to get you the treatment you need to give you a better chance to survive.

Smoking Can Lead to More Infections in the Mouth

According to the Surgeon General, those that smoke are more likely to experience infections due to the fact that smoking lessens the body’s ability to fight off infection in the mouth. This means that smokers can be more likely to experience a number of diseases and common infections.

Smoker’s Teeth Can Only Be Cleaned Thoroughly at the Dentist’s Office

Calculus is an extremely hard form of plaque that can only be removed by a dentist. However, it’s important to remove this plaque regularly or it could rot your teeth. Unfortunately, smokers are more likely to get this form of plaque than non-smokers.

Smoking can greatly affect your dental health. Without proper check-ups, not only could you lose your teeth, but you might also experience oral cancer. That’s why it’s essential to get regular dental check-ups every 12-24 months.