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Fundraising Progress

We have reached our first goal of $50,000 to help with Mat’s treatment and rehabilitation. Thanks to everyone for providing such amazing support! We can tell you that Mat and Jessica have been deeply moved by what everyone has done for them, and that your caring has made a tremendous difference for them in this trying time. This will greatly ease the burden of the medical bills and treatment costs they are facing.
We are not stopping here though. We’ve learned a lot more about what Mat and Jessica will need for their new lives ahead. Transportation and home modifications will be the next major hurdles they face. They will need a car that can accommodate a wheelchair and be operated just using hands, a wheelchair (okay, insurance provides some bare bones government cheese chair – but we want our boy rolling in style!), and modifications to their housing and furniture to make them both comfortable.
In light of this, we are setting out to raise an additional $50,000 to help with transportation and home modifications.
We know that many of you reading this may have already contributed, perhaps more than once – and please know that Mat and his family are deeply grateful. We would ask though that you please take a long-term view of helping support Mat. His needs are going to persist and evolve for months and even years to come. Please consider giving what you can, when you are able. If now is not a good time, make a note to check back on our progress next month – and if you are able to pitch in, even just a little, it can make a huge difference.
There will also be fund raising events happening through the summer and fall. In addition to helping Mat, these will be a lot of fun (beer, food, friends!) and some will even offer the opportunity to win great prizes. We’ll be posting more information about events on this site as things get nailed down.
Our deepest thanks,
Mat’s Family, Friend’s & Colleagues