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Mat Barton’s Story

On June 11th 2012 Mat Barton suffered a serious accident during the Portland Short Track single-speed bicycle race that has left him paralyzed from the chest down.
Those of you who know Mat will attest to what a wonderful person he is. Always wearing a huge infectious smile, and doling out his own unique sense of comedy. Mat makes fast friends wherever he goes, and is always willing to help people out – even those he has just met. We have all been made richer by having him in our lives. Mat’s road to recovery will be long and difficult, and now it is our turn to help support him and his wife Jessica in their time of need.
Please use the PayPal link on this page to give what money you can to help pay for Mat’s treatment and recovery. Our goal is to raise $100,000. Even with health insurance, there are significant out-of-pocket costs for both Mat’s treatment, lost time away from work, and new transportation and housing needs. Your help means the world here.
Feel free to pass this website on to others who may wish to contribute, and please check back periodically for updates on Mat’s progress.
Family and Friends of Mat Barton