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Mats Progress

Mat’s moving into his new place!

A quick update from the family:
Mat and Jessica have moved into their new apartment! Mat was so happy to see his drawing table all set up! The apartment looks great thanks to the friends that painted and unpacked for them!
They really like the neighborhood, coffe shops and theatres nearby.
As you can imagine M&J are so happy to be alone – together.
It’s been a long 6 weeks – ER, ICU, Trauma Recovery and then Rehab.
Now their new life begins…

6 Hours of Hood

From Mat’s family:
Thank you to all who gave Mat a loud cheer yesterday at the
“Six Hours on Mt Hood” Relay yesterday!
A six hour ride shared by 2 riders,Lap after lap.
Mat and Austin did the relay last year and were signed up to do it again this year. Austin insisted on doing the six hours by himself yesterday with Mat’s name on his back. He did, and came in 9th out of 27!,
THANK YOU Austin! You put that big Barton Grin on Mat’s face and it brought joy to our hearts!