Staying track with weight loss

Inhow to lose weight fast, the best way to do it is by tracking your activities. How does it work? Check this out.

Shortest way to your goal

There is a short way in reaching your ideal weight and that is through a straight line. Yes, a lot of us want to lose weight but always fail. We fail because we didn’t follow a straight line. We always go stumbling to temptations, other activities that lead to procrastination. Instead of following a straight line we tend to form crooked lines.

Not choosing a plan

Not choosing or having a plan would only mean shopping without a shopping list. You will never go anywhere, or you will end up something that you don’t want to or didn’t expect to have. Weight loss goes the same. If you don’t have a specific diet plan then you are aiming at failure. Start with an idea and a plan and focus on it to reach your target. Your plan could be anything.

Get the statistics

Learn how many calories to lose weight with that know the specific statistics. This includes how many calories to take per day, how many minutes to exercise per day etc. Basically to stay in track you should be backed up by data and statistics.

Do it

Don’t wait for tomorrow to work on your plan. This is one reason why people fail. They all have the plan but they don’t work on it.


Be motivated. Know the reasons why you want to lose weight in the first place. These thoughts would help you keep in track. Also, a cheerleader or a person who cares for your goal would help you at depressed times. It could be any of your friends or a person close to you who shares the same endeavor. Let him act as your support whenever you feel like giving up.

Be constructive and at the same time be versatile

Try to construct your plans like daily cardio and at least 3 times strength training. Or low carb diet and eat out on weekends. Try to be constructive on that and also try to compensate in times of great need. You should be in line with your statistics and keep track.

Follow these and stay on track with your weight loss!