Vintage Looks For Kids!

You may have noticed the shift in style and fashion that draws more from previous decades. This isn’t unusual, as we’ve already seen fashion turn to the retro looks of the 70s and 80s, but current trends lean to earlier eras.

Designers are turning to post war years for inspiration, bringing vintage touches from the 40s and 50s. You can see this in homewares, particularly in kitchen accessories, and fashion. Many clothing labels have adopted this vintage influence for adult’s attire. Now this trend is filtering into childrenswear too.

It’s no real surprise that vintage childrenswear is taking off with parents. It’s normal for certain looks to filter through from grown up lines to kids clothes, but it could be argued that there’s more to it than that. As we become increasingly more technologically minded, we begin to miss ‘simpler’ times. Our children haven’t known anything different. Children are born into a world where technology like iPads and smartphones are part of everyday life.

At some level, most of us would like our children to experience something of a world that’s not completely dominated by the miracles of modern technology. I’m not suggesting that by simply dressing children with a vintage influence means that they won’t want to play with high tech devices. It’s as much about taking us back to those less complicated times, getting us in touch with what it means to be a child.

There are a few brands that have taken this vintage look to its logical extension. Freoli is one such brand, which has drawn not only from vintage styles, but also traditional patterns from its native Denmark. This creates some truly charming clothes, with pretty patterned clothes for girls and some very smart shirts for boys.

Darcy Brown is a brand that has excelled in creating young boys and girls clothes that let children be children. There are no ‘Mini-Me’ adult styles in Darcy Brown’s remit. For the new season, the label has really been invigorated by the vintage children’s clothing styles around today. Stripes and polka dots feature heavily in the collection, along with adorable nautical themes.

The jolly range from FUB takes great delight in making clothes with a traditional edge. Like the aforementioned kid’s brands, they make clothing that has a vintage sensibility with modern practicality. After all, who needs kids clothes that you can’t just throw in the washing machine at a moment’s notice?

There are some great lines that have taken the vintage idea and run with it. This summer, open up a world of fun new fashions with an old twist for your little one!